Z-Perl Unit Frames Addons 9.0.2/8.3.0/7.3.5

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Z-Perl Unit Frames Addons 9.0.2/8.3.0/7.3.5 will highlight ant buffs you want with just some adjustment. In this way, you can know how many buffs you have and then uniquely custom them.

Z-Perl Unit Frames Addons
Z-Perl Unit Frames Addons

This addon also gives you some rapid tools that you can use to master your game. In combat or an arena, you will need these tools to make the advantage to your side.

If any buffs are cooling down, this mode will show you how much time it takes a left. This is a useful feature when players need to fight and fight all the time. Use this to make sure your hero always is ready for what is coming.

Z-Perl Unit Frames will change the outline of the box’s color. You can choose the color you want and then save them for later use.

We will bring more modes for your World of Warcraft. Remember to check for updates needed and access to the internet for a better experience. Please give some feedback for improvement in the next game mode. Thank you, players!


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