Vault: Tomb of the King

Vault: Tomb of the King is an adventure of a young knight. He will have to overcome a lot of obstacles to win the best respect of his queen. In this game, you will need to complete all the stages and levels to have the biggest prize. It will be your glory and all the honor of your people.

Vault: Tomb of the King Free Download
Vault: Tomb of the King Free Download

This game will be divided into different levels and hard modes. Players can choose which one they should play first. At the end of all the levels, you will receive some gold, jewelry, and weapons for the next fight. You can also use these to trade with NPC in the market and get better items for your adventure.

This Action game has no end, so players can enjoy the game as long as they want. There will be only one character you can choose in this game, but that is enough, we think so! Vault: Tomb of the King free download is ready to serve you, my might knight. Thank you for your download!


by: Erich Preston @VaultTotK