TomCat’s Tours Addons 9.0.2/8.3.0

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TomCat’s Tours Addons 9.0.2/8.3.0 is what you need for your game, and this mode is not a normal one. We are still working on it, so players have to wait longer to complete this mode. So what is this mode?

TomCat's Tours Addons
TomCat’s Tours Addons

TomCat’s Tours is a tracker mode, and you can use it like other modes to find the needed things. Mission and treasures are the best things players use to find. With this mode’s help, you can know which mission is on your map and go to it.

Treasure has also been shown on the map so players can come to the right location and pick up their bounty. When you have picked up that treasure, the point of it will be gone. You can find any rare items, names, and objects with this mode more about this mode. That will be the chance for some unique and powerful items. Or maybe a chance for a new adventure.

World of Warcraft will always bring you more modes, fun ones, and the best one!


Download Free TomCat’s Tours Addons

For WOW Classic Addons 1.13.2
For WOW Addons 9.0.2
For WOW Addons 9.0.1
For WOW Addons 8.3.0
For WOW Addons 8.2.0
For WOW Addons 8.1.5
For WOW Addons 8.1.0