The Nightkeep – Indie RPG

Nightkeep: Indie RPG is a new tour of the main character, and you are that character. This game has been updated many times so players could enjoy more and more features. You can see some of these features are:

The Nightkeep - Indie RPG Free Download
The Nightkeep – Indie RPG Free Download
  • Many editing screens mean when playing this game, you can make different choices. Each one will lead you to a unique ending, and you are the only one who will see it.
  • This update will give you more than 70 kinds of new items that you have never seen in other versions. You can make your choice be plentiful and make a good set of items.
  • This Action game also gives you more quest than you’ve ever done. You can ask for some new missions from the NPC.
  • The game has been updated so it can run on the phone and PC. You can download the latest version on our page.

Nightkeep: Indie RPG free download will run online, and then you can enjoy the game offline later. Level and stat in the game will be changed, so players have to start all over again.


by: PixelABCD @PixelABCD