The Darkside Detective

The Darkside Detective is the story about a detective named Francis McQueen. He is also the head leader of a particular office. This place is full of people like him. Some of them can see ghosts, and others can know where the demons are hiding.

The Darkside Detective Free Download
The Darkside Detective Free Download

The Twin Lakes City has many cases that have never been solved, maybe because some monsters and demons have tried to cover it. But they will never win our McQueen. He is the best human of all time, and he can smell demons and kill them with some special tools.

In this Action game, there will be some jokes that you need to read. That may be the next clue to solve your case. This game also has added new songs and music to make the game be better on the battle screen. Even when this game only has 16 bits graphics, many textures in this game are highly made—a good game for mystery and monster hunters.

Download The Darkside Detective now and see what you can find in this horror game.


by: Spooky Doorway @SpookyDoorway