Sky Racket

Sky Racket will lead you to the future of humankind. In this game, you will need to make the team with some other players or go alone on your adventure. But we think you should make a team of warriors that helps you defeat some big bosses.

Sky Racket Free Download
Sky Racket Free Download

This game will allow you to use some items to kill all the monsters and dangerous creatures. You can find them in the store or win them after you defeat a boss. These items will show how strong you are in the fight. The game also rates players by their score after a match with monsters. The higher the score, the better the items you will get.

This Action game only ends when you complete all the quests that the game has you. Each time you win a location will be allowed to move to the next one. We will bring you more play levels, so don’t worry about winning all these game levels. Sky Racket free download is on!


by: DoubleDash @DoubleDash