SilverDragon – Rare Scanner Addons 9.0.2

SilverDragon – Rare Scanner Addons 9.0.2 will be what you need to find any rare names and items. This mode helps you improve your skill of finding and fighting. So new players will need this mode for their better gameplay.

SilverDragon Addons
SilverDragon Addons

At first, this mode will auto find any rare name on your game and focus on that name. But it only works when your opponent shows their nameplate on the screen. So make sure the nameplate is on so you can find any rare one nearby.

If there is any rare one on your minimap, SilverDragon – Rare Scanner will recognize it and then show it to you. All you need is to look for a highlight on the map and then explore the rare location. That may be a good place for new items or new chances to earn more EXP.

This mode in World of Warcraft also can notice the time you go in your combat. And then it turns off the rare searcher so you can complete your battle. After that, you can turn on the mode one more time.


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