Japanese culture always contains mysteries. Not just life and people, the game products inspired by something of “the land of the rising sun” always make players surprised.

And Kunio-kun (or more commonly known as The River City) from the publisher WayForward is a series of games that have done this. Born from here more than 30 years but its vitality is still extremely strong.

River City Girls is the sequel to Kunio-kun, a series of the game about the sultry Japanese students on their journey full of fists and kicks on the street.

The game will be released on September 5 on four platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC for $ 29.99. Will River City Girls have enough energy to blow a new breeze for beat-’em-up, street fighting games that are gradually drowned in the video game industry?


River City Girls brings a new flavor to the atmosphere that is familiar to the classic beat-’em-up fighting action genre. The game was developed by WayForward with the supervision of fighting game experts at Arc System Works. And this will be the latest, more exciting part of the River City series.

“Violence is only for men.” That’s what was once confirmed in River City Ransom: Underground. River City Girls will prove the opposite when this time the two main characters built by WayForward will be girls: Kyoko and Misako, two street-tough high-schoolers who are under the close supervision of the school.

And the story chosen as the main thread of the string will probably make many players laugh: the girls of two girls, Kunio and Riki, have been kidnapped. And so, our two brave girls will fight through six vast areas of River City to find their boyfriends as well as give the bad guys a painful blow.


Street Fighter and Streets of Rage are typical representatives of a series of games built on street battles. Punching, kicking, throwing, throwing and bagging are the hallmarks of these games.

But it seems that players will not only experience that in River City Girls. WayForward’s soon-to-be child is not a genuine brawler. The game is not built linearly just kicking scenes, instead players will fight in a route.

At the beginning of the game, players will be able to choose the number of players (1-2 players), difficulty (Normal or Hard) and choose whether they are Kyoko or Misako. It is up to you whether you choose to solo mode to reclaim

River City alone or have a companion to share the difficulties with.

The two players can even play the same character, but each will have unique moves and animation. In terms of character of the game, Kyoko seems to have the potential to combine better, but Misako has Stone Cold Stunner.

What a difficult decision!

In the beginning, you will be provided with the basic skills to fight. Besides, River City Girls will retain the previous battle elements such as 2 levels of attacks (normal attacks or heavy attacks), the ability to launch attacks while running and jumping or grabbing to tossing the enemies…

There will be many enemies in the city that you have to overcome from the big bully students in the school, the bastards who are willing to fight you or the bosses with special abilities … money and XP will be the reward you get after defeating the enemies.

XP will help you level up to open up new skills to create new combos. Having money will help you buy items to heal or supplement your skills.

A highlight of River City Girls is the mechanism of capturing enemies. This means that after defeating the enemy, the players can choose them for their companion position in the journey to rescue Kunio and Riki.


Diversity in game mode

Choosing alone on the journey or having a companion is up to you. But one thing is worth noting, about the mechanism of the game, River City Girls designed an extremely beautiful and effective combo system for the two players to combine and perform.

Also, having a companion also ensures your chances of survival are higher because they can revive your life when you are knocked down.

Beautiful pixel graphics with anime, manga scenes

The 16-bit graphics system, together with the manga-style storyline, the intricately woven animated sequences will reduce the stress from the constant battles that players have to face. This is the strength of the games of The River City series.

Lots of weapons, items, and abilities to enhance your character

Don’t worry when the main characters of River City Girls are just girls. Many interesting weapons and enhancements are waiting to give players a great power.

The system of accompanying items will be constantly refreshed in the areas that you go through. The dojo, convenience store, supermarket … and a lot of main tasks – secondary is a huge supply of items.

The emergence of legends from the classic River City game

Kunio and Riki used to roam the battlefields of River City. Always make players remember the previous game, maybe that’s the point that makes people more interested in the River City game.


For River City Girls, WayForward sent an inviting message to the worldwide gaming community. Even as newcomers or veterans, you will be welcomed by Kyoko and Misako in a world that is fierce but not lacking in funny and funny moments.

What are you waiting for without downloading the game to your device?

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