PUBG Mobile players in India got a nasty surprise on Sept ordinal evening from the Indian Government. A announcement issued by the Ministry of natural philosophy and data Technology Government of India same that a lot of apps and games that have ties to China are illegal. the rationale for the ban in keeping with the announcement issued by the GOI was the mishandling and misuse of user information. this can be not the primary time the Indian Government has illegal apps created in China. within the previous Chinese app ban, the Indian Government illegal the renowned TikTok app along side several different Chinese apps. This ban, however, appears to possess given the gambling community of India Associate in Nursing surprising surprise. PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile low-cal are illegal in India and not several expected it to happen.

PUBG Mobile India Ban: different Games That are illegal

Along with PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile low-cal, several different games have conjointly been extra to the Chinese app ban list including:

  • Cyber Hunter by Netease Games
  • Cyber Hunter low-cal by Netease Games
  • Knives Out by Netease Games
  • Super Mecha Champions by Netease Games
  • LifeAfter by Netease Games
  • Dawn of Isles
  • Ludo World
  • Chess Rush
  • Rise of Kingdom Lost Crusade
  • Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon
  • Dank Tanks
  • Warpath
  • Game of Sultans
  • Carrom Friends
  • Ludo All Star
  • Bike sport
  • Roads of Kings Endless Glory
  • Marvel Super War by Netease Games
  • AFK Arena
  • Creative Destruction by Netease Games
  • Crusaders of sunshine by Netease Games
  • Mafia town
  • Onmyyoji Crusaders by Netease Games
  • Ride out Heroes by Netease Games
  • Arena of heroism
  • Soul Hunters
  • Rules of Survival by Netease Games
  • Legend: Rising Empire by Netease Games

This time the Chinese App ban targeted a lot of on the Chinese games and Chinese game publishers. The list conjointly contains many Chinese apps that are illegal in addition together with TanTan that may be a geological dating app that was quite common in Tier II and Tier III cities in India. during this app ban by the Indian Government, most of the large games are removed. The PUBG Mobile ban happened since the sport was in hand by Tencent games that may be a Chinese MNC in hand by Tencent.

PUBG Mobile Ban: What square measure the Alternatives for PUBG Mobile in India

As things stand there don’t seem to be a great deal of PUBG Mobile alternatives left for the Indian gamers except Garena Free fire and decision of Duty Mobile. most the opposite mobile disturbance alternatives are removed by the Indian Government. each Garena Free fire and decision of Duty Mobile are doing well within the Indian gambling community however ne’er got as common as PUBG Mobile however currently since there are not any alternatives left currently one in every of these 2 games can win the title of #IndiaKaBattleRoyal.

Garena Free fire has been aggressive with its advertising campaign targeting the Indian gambling audience for a few time currently. They even discharged a full-fledged Tv ad film to induce a lot of players from the south Asian market. decision of Duty Mobile, on the opposite hand, has been not thus aggressive with targeting the Indian gambling audience however which will amendment currently. each these games square measure non-Chinese. decision of Duty Mobile is in hand by Activision games and developed by TiMi studios. Free fire is in hand by Garena that may be a Singaporean game publisher.

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