Postal Addons 9.0.2/8.3.0/7.3.5

Postal Addons 9.0.2/8.3.0/7.3.5 help players enhance their mailbox. You can follow this instruction to perform the game:

All your contact can be included in one list. This helps the player to more comfortable to manage their relationships online.

Postal Addons 9.0.2/8.3.0/7.3.5
Postal Addons WoW

This mod can help you to track your character. All of the heroes will be listed for you, a suitable function you need if you have many to play.

You can manage the 20 latest players and send you mail. That’s a big convenience because you can see who and which source you received an email from.

Allow you to open all mail in your box.

You can use this addon to fulfill the name in the Alts/Recently category.

This World of Warcraft mod can also give you the number about your money again. That already shows in the mailbox, but with this, better improvement will come.

There will be more and more functions added in this mod. Follow and give us comments for a better game mod release.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands is open and free for players. Don’t waste your time. Jump right in this mod!

Download Free Postal Addons 9.0.2/8.3.0/7.3.5

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