Plater Nameplate Addons 9.0.2/8.3.0/7.3.5

In Warcraft, there are a lot of things a player can adjust to fit their will. You can change the character you are playing. Some add-ons allow you to change the environment. The others can give you more items, features, and more challenges such as boss and quest. Based on the requirements of the player, we give you a new addon name Plater Nameplate Addons 9.0.2/8.3.0/7.3.5. This addon will help you manage the game, mainly with the nameplate.

You can change your Nameplates in number, color, text, and different font options. With this mod, your game and your setting will be unique. There will be no player who has the same background as you. We also support a discord channel so the player can give some feedback. I think if you want more in World of Warcraft, you should connect to our online page. There will be more than just Nameplates that you can change.

I hope you like this mod and check out for World of Warcraft download. It is free for you, and we have updates weekly for all mods and addons. Thank you!


Download Free Plater Nameplate Addons

For WOW Classic Addons 1.13.5
For WOW Classic Addons 1.13.4
For WOW Classic Addons 1.13.3
For WOW Classic Addons 1.13.2
For WOW Addons 9.0.2
For WOW Addons 9.0.1
For WOW Addons 8.3.0
For WOW Addons 8.2.5
For WOW Addons 8.2.0
For WOW Addons 8.1.5
For WOW Addons 8.1.0
For WOW Addons 8.0.1
For WOW Addons 7.3.5
For WOW Addons 7.3.0
For WOW Addons 7.2.5
For WOW Addons 7.2.0
For WOW Addons 7.1.0
For WOW Addons 7.0.3