Orchestra: The Brass Fate

Orchestra: The Brass Fate is a game that leads you to a fight between you and another force. You will stand for King Tuba II’s kingdom, and others will try to bring your kingdom down. This is a war. This is a fight, which is the time for you to raise. You can stand together to bring peace back to this land one more time.

Orchestra: The Brass Fate Free Download
Orchestra: The Brass Fate Free Download

Your you’re and your quest will not be easy, but you have all the things you need to complete this quest. Put yourself together and help your people to find their homes. There will be some adventure in this game you need to go alone. But then you will receive some help from your friend.

We still have a lot of things that we need to do in this Action game. Monsters, NPC, story, and everything else will be complete in the next version. You can also give us some ideas to change this game better.

Orchestra: The Brass Fate Free Download is on; install and play this game now!

by: Ynamite @PikaDynamite