OmniCD Addons 9.0.2

OmniCD Addons 9.0.2 is one of our best addons, this one is free, and you can have this like other addons. There will be many new addons we bring to you; come to our page and download them.

OmniCD Addons Free Download
OmniCD Addons Free Download

This one can help you to see all the spells are going on during the cooldown time. You can know which skill it is and how much time it takes to get that skill ready. In combat, this is a handy feature, and you don’t have to click on your ally to see their skill. All the available skills will be shown on your main screen.

OmniCD Addons is a new version of this addon. There will be more features for you in this version. Some bug have been fixed but if there are any more bug appear, let us know. Players should join the discord channel about all the World of Warcraft addons. That will be very helpful for you, gameplay will be better, and your adventure will be funnier!


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