Oddventure will let you come to the kingdom of Luxia. In this world, you and your family live happily in peace. One time your little brother Bonzo ran into some trouble and lost his way home. After waiting for some time and seeing he is still not coming back, you decide to find him.

Oddventure Free Download
Oddventure Free Download

You don’t know that this adventure will be a long journey and full of danger. You will have to fight monsters and some mystery creatures. They are also a part of this kidnapped plan.

This game will give you nothing but your intelligence and good eyes. There will be a lot of battles in games with monsters. You have to ask for help each time you lose them. Bad things and good things in this kingdom happen every day. Your job is to make sure nothing wrong gets in your way. Your brother is waiting for you so don’t wait your time.

If you need Oddventure Free Download help, you can send us a message. Come to the Kingdom of Luxia and enjoy your trip here!


by: Infamous Rabbit @InfamousRabbit