Nova World Buffs Addons 1.13.6/1.13.5

Nova World Buffs Addons 1.13.6/1.13.5 is a new model that helps the player get more information on their buff. When you enter a fight, you will need all the support you need with buffing skills. And each skill will have a timer, so players need to rebuff them when it cooldowns.

Nova World Buffs Addons
Nova World Buffs Addons

But you can not always look for the cooldown, and you still have to fight with monsters, players, or any threat nearby. And that is the reason why you should use the Nova World Buffs. The more you play, the better you will know how to use this mode.

First, it will show the buff you have on your main screen so you can know when to rebuff them. When you miss any buff available, this mode also gives you a warning about that. In this way, you can make yourself stronger all the time without keeping looking at the buff skill.

World of Warcraft is open for free so do the mode of it. We hope you could find a good mode for yourself. Have fun, players!


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