Night Blights

Night Blights is an adventure for you and your friends. You will have to make sure when the night comes, and these monsters can not hurt you. Players need to listen to the sound when those monsters move close to them. If it gets too close, you should keep silent and then proceed to another place without making any sound.

Night Blights Free Download
Night Blights Free Download

This is only a 2D game, but the gameplay of it is very well made. Players will feel the same fear when they play other games from the horror game page of us. This monster is also very smart, and it could hide from you and then move close to you to hurt you. There will also be a lot of places you can hide in this house. Use them to help you stay alive and stay away from this monster.

Downloading Night Blights is the best idea you can do. This will be your favorite game when you have played a few matches. Monsters will become more manageable, and you can win this game without any problem. Good luck!


by: Hot Cross @Hot_Cross