Nanotale – Typing Chronicles

Nanotale: Typing Chronicles is a new adventure for a young researcher. She will have to go and find some rare materials to help her projects. We will not have any violent details in this game, and there will be only one fighting between you and another creature.

Nanotale - Typing Chronicles Free Download
Nanotale – Typing Chronicles Free Download

You can only use some magic to slow down all the monsters you meet. It will buy you some time to gather enough materials and get back to your base.

This game has some details in an Action game, but the adventure of your will never harm any creature. All you do is collect things and help your people to get a better life. This game will run offline, so players don’t need to connect to the online internet. But there will be some updates you need to download to get a better experience. Also, in this game, you can choose many different languages. English is one of these languages.

Nanotale – Typing Chronicles Free Download will support players in every step. If you need more information, you can check out our page. We have some instructions for you.


by: Fishing Cactus @FishingCactus