Multi Mob Library Mod 1.12.2

Multi Mob Library Mod 1.12.2 is a useful core mod for Minecraft. It supports other mob mods to function smoothly without any trouble.

Multi Mob Library Mod 1.12.2 Download Free

In this API and Library mod, you will find all crucial files that help other mob mods operate in a smooth way. This core mod was made by Daveyx0 – an excellent modder in the gaming community. He figured out that using a core would be much easier for editing and updating other mods. Therefore, he decided to make this core library mod to serve that purpose.

Other mods that use this core mod to operate are Primitive Mobs and The Summoner. However, according to the author, the core mod is mainly designed for his forthcoming modification called Atmosmobs. You can utilize the core mod as a dependency for unique features if you want. It brings you a spawning configuration code used by the Primitive Mobs. Also, you can approach many utility classes for Entities.

Here are the things you can do if you install this core mod:

  • Feel free to use the mod as a dependency for the two mods mentioned above.
  • You can modify the spawning rates of mobs.
  • You can attach new spawns for the mobs using particular settings.
  • The amount of mob spawning in general can be increased.
  • For the mods you have installed, you can check out their appropriate IDs.

The only requirement of Multi Mob Library is to have Minecraft Forge installed in advance.

How to install Multi Mob Library Mod:

  • First of all, confirm you’ve got Minecraft Forge installed
  • Locate the Minecraft application folder
  • On a Windows window, go to Run on the Start Menu, then type% appdata% and click Run.
  • On a Mac Open Finder window, hold Alt and left-click on Go and then go to Library on the Menu bar at the top of the screen.
  • Drop the mod you just downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder

Finally, launch Minecraft and click on the Mods icon; you will see Rulti Mob Library Mod installed.

Multi Mob Library Mod Free Download Links

For Minecraft 1.12.2
For Minecraft 1.12.1
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