Liam’s Attack on Titan fan game

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Liam’s Attack on Titan fan game allows you to control your character in the first-person view. You will have to work in a team of fighters who have skill and technique in battle with monsters. This is the first creation of us, so we made some mistakes in the game. Players can show us the bugs or any error so we can adjust it in a better way.

Liam's Attack on Titan fan game download for pc

This Fangame will allow you to fight with different titans. They are powerful, so players need to train themselves in some special skills to defeat these monsters. Some items will be given to you to stand in the combat between your scout and other monsters.

The fight will go on, and you will have time to adjust your game control and items. This is an action and horror game for all players using the PC. It is free, and we will update the new feature for you. Liam’s Attack on Titan fan game Free Download ready to give you more fear and fun, come to get it!


by: LiamUpton @LiamUpton