Leatrix Maps (Classic) Addons 1.13.6/1.13.5/1.13.4

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World of Warcraft is a game that gives players an open world. Players can do whatever they want in this game as long as it does hurt anyone. You can be a hero looking for bounty or exp. All you have to do is fight and fight for your victory.

Leatrix Maps (Classic) Addons
Leatrix Maps (Classic) Addons

Some player can be an explorer who always wanders around the map and find new adventures. In this case, the Leatrix Maps (Classic) Addons will be what this kind of player needs. It can help you control your map better.

Leatrix Maps (Classic) Addons 1.13.6/1.13.5/1.13.4 will add a new feature for you such as:

  • It reveals all the map, and there will be no dark place on it.
  • This mode can show you which zone you are on and where you zoom at the moment.
  • The border of this map was also removed to see more and have more sight on the map.
  • If there are any dungeons or treasures on the minimap, you will know it right away.

This game mode is for free, and there will be some new updates for you!


Download Free Leatrix Maps (Classic) Addons

For WOW Classic Addons 1.13.6
For WOW Classic Addons 1.13.5
For WOW Classic Addons 1.13.4
For WOW Classic Addons 1.13.3
For WOW Classic Addons 1.13.2