ID Squeezer Tweak Mod 1.12.2 for Minecraft

ID Squeezer Tweak Mod 1.12.2 is a simple patch for the onLanded way of Integrated Dynamics’ Squeezer. Now, the squeezer can be used at low TPS.

 Download ID Squeezer Tweak Mod 1.12.2
ID Squeezer Tweak Mod

Before you install this patch, you should know about the Squeeze of the Integrated Dynamics mod. It is known as a machine for the early stage of the game. By using that machine, you can take a leap on blocks as well as items to smash or squeeze them. Sounds so cool right? Not only that, but the machine also lets any entity land on the blocks or items to squeeze them. The items may fall into any adjoining inventory or on the ground. There is also a small suspension in the machine. You can turn it on using a Redstone pulse to reset it. The best thing about the machine is that you can use it to squash the resin out of Menril Log.

However, the squeezer cannot function at low TPS because of the server not getting the client updates about motion. Therefore, the Addons mod for Minecraft – ID Squeezer Tweak was released to fix that problem. To fix it, there will be a packet that will be dispatched to the server to inform it about the jump. If you think the mod is quite useful to solve the problem about the squeezer, then, install it now.

ID Squeezer Tweak is like other modifications in terms of requirements. In other words, you need to previously install Minecraft Forge and Integrated Dynamics so you can launch the mod into the game. Try it now!