HandyNotes: Shadowlands Addons 9.0.2

HandyNotes: Shadowlands Addons 9.0.2 is an addon for a player. In this mod, new locations will be added so the player can have more exploration. Rare Mobs is one of the most significant updates for you, boss, and the area in this mod will be marked by a skull. If you see any head on your map, there will be an excellent place to test your skill. If the color of the skull is blue, you will need to come and collect your reward. You can also check the skull point for more information.

In this addon for World of Warcraft, there will be some treasure for you to take. If the prize is looted, the icon of it will be deleted from the map. You should check for these locations because you could find some exciting items.

There will be more and more updates for this addon, so you should check for any updates available. New experiences will be provided to you. I hope you can make your game better with this mod. World of Warcraft download is now open!


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