HandyNotes: Battle for Azeroth Treasures Addons

In HandyNotes: Battle for Azeroth Treasures Addons, you can find many kinds of new weapons. If you get a purple item, it means you have reached the most potent weapon in this addon. You can find this item in the chest, so you need to fight the boss and do other quests to get them. With one of these items, you can be as strong as you want in World of Warcraft.

If there is any treasure you don’t want to collect, you can click on it and choose the hidden point. You may need a TomTom mode. This Warcraft mod also can add your issue to the guest list so you can manage all your tasks at once.

You can choose which quest, task, and treasure to show on your map in this mod. If you don’t like one, you could hide it from your sight. There will be many different features. More new and awesome experiences will be updated for you. So make sure you follow our World of Warcraft download list. Thank you!


Download Free HandyNotes: Battle for Azeroth Treasures Addons

For WOW Addons 9.0.2
For WOW Addons 9.0.1
For WOW Addons 8.2.0
For WOW Addons 8.1.5
For WOW Addons 8.0.1