Good Night, Knight

Good Night, Knight is our new game. In this version, you will have your chance to meet and fight with some mystery monsters. They all come from hell and live in a dark dungeon. They are the meaning of evil, so your duty will be defeated and send them back to hell.

Good Night, Knight Free Download
Good Night, Knight Free Download

This is still a new project for us, so if there is any bug, please forgive us. We will help you fix all the bugs and send you the complete version of the game. This Action game will be free for players who use a PC.

There will be 70 different items that you can find and use in this game. We only have the knight class, so there will be no more choice for you. If you like more class in this game, leave a comment to adjust it for you. More character means more fun for players!

The game will be free for you. Follow us for more games like this. Good Night. Knight Free Download is ready for your PC.


by: KnightDevRedEmber @KnightDevRedEmber