Fun Times at Homer’s

Fun Times at Homer’s is a good example of a horror game with some cartoon character. There will be many funny screens in this game you may see in the Homer Simpson film. But it will be changed into a horror screen.

Fun Times at Homer's Free Download
Fun Times at Homer’s Free Download

The players of this game will be a night guard who needs to secure the nights at Simpsons Happy Donuts. His job is straightforward initially, but later on, something keeps kicking in the door and yelling some unknown words.

At first, he thought that was just some illusion, but when he looked at the camera, something stood in the dark and waved at him. This time he realizes what will happen to him if he opens that door. This will be a fun game but with some horror details—a good game for horror game FNAF lovers.

Download Fun Times at Homer’s now to have the best experience in your gameplay. More updates will serve you to give the best fear and fun!


by: NickPerson @NickPerson