Free fireplace by Garena is one in all the foremost compete Battle Royale games on the mobile platform straight away. the sport follows the quality Battle Royale tradition wherever random players (50 players) land on associate island and whoever is that the last extant player wins the sport.

A lot of success during a Battle Royale depends on the landing location of the player. completely different locations have a distinct density of loot, and it’s vital to spot what locations square measure the simplest acceptable you. Free fireplace presently has 2 maps in Bermudas and Purgatory. Here square measure the highest five pillaging spots in Purgatory.

Ski Lodge

Ski Lodge is that the best place to seek out marksman rifles – it’s additionally the very best spot on this map. If you wish shooting things from a distance, you must head here. If you’ll be able to manage to seek out an honest scope attachment, you’ll be able to take some of kills at the start of a match from this space. Mountain Villa and Lumber Mill appear to be the simplest spots for assault rifles, and each square measure near to hot zones. Note that you just have to be compelled to cross a minimum of one canal whereas attempting to succeed in these zones, therefore take care and don’t use bridges if attainable. The Central and national capital regions will see most bridges clearly and you’ll be a simple target to shoot. Instead, swim to cross between zones and check out to remain underneath the measuring system.

Ski Lodge typically contains marksman rifles, and since it’s the very best purpose within the map, the place is nice for sniping. Players may also rotate to Forge if a lot of loot is needed.

Fire Brigade

Fire Brigade includes a ton of homes and compounds, therefore you’re guaranteed to get sensible loot, eventually. However, pillaging may be tedious particularly once there square measure plenty of structures during a place.


Moathouse is found within the extreme side of the map

Moathouse is usually a secure bet since it’s placed within the extreme north of the map. Players hardly land on this place, and it’s one in all the foremost underrated loot spots in Purgatory. Moathouse is incredibly compact and one in all the a lot of easier places to loot.

The place typically has high tier loot and might fulfill a whole squad in most cases. However, the safe zone typically does not collapse Moathhouse, therefore rotating far from the place could be a hassle.


Brasilia could be a excellent place to either set yourself up for the late-game or watch your journey return to associate finish in regarding ten seconds. The place is found right within the center of the map and could be a hot dropping zone for many individuals. national capital could be a huge city with plenty of homes and compounds in it.

There is a excess of high tier weapons and equipment obtainable in national capital, creating it one in all the richest locations within the map. However, national capital gets chaotic terribly quickly, and popping out of the place uninjured, is associate uphill task.

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