1 – Bermuda

Bermuda is that the 1st accessible map in Free hearth and since of that, it’s the foremost standard one. As Free hearth has solely fifty players per match, it’s calculable that Bermuda is concerning [*fr1] the dimensions of PUBG Mobile’s ill-famed Erangel map, at 4×4 kilometers. Free Fire’s Bermuda was designed once numerous locations in geographic area, geographical area, and also the Pacific, with the name Bermuda itself taken from a part in Central America. not like Purgatory, Bermuda is simply a standard island and not a holidaymaker place, with numerous residential buildings scattered everywhere. The flora and weather area unit tropical and full of spirited colours.

Design-wise, Bermuda is just about the classic example of the same old battle royale formula – the locations within the middle of the map like Bimasakti Strip, Pochinok, Peak or tower area unit super popular all players, whereas far-flung locations on the sting of the map area unit a lot of less standard, with the exception of Mill, Katulistiwa and Mars electrical, that area unit the “high tier loot spots” that attract players with their loot quality.

Overall, this can be the most effective map for players WHO haven’t contend any Battle Royale games before – all methods area unit viable and each landing location is feasible on this map. It encourages players to drop at the sting of the map, weirdly enough, as there’s no city within the middle of Bermuda.

2 – Purgatory

Purgatory, the second map of Free hearth, was antecedently further into the sport as associate degree “elite map”, that solely players at level five or additional will access. attributable to that, it absolutely was pretty less-traveled scrutiny to Bermuda and was removed once desert was further onto the sport. once a significant backlash from gamers, Garena has set to reverse their call – further the map back to Free hearth nonhierarchical so stratified mode.

Purgatory is additionally supported the same old tropical regions, however, it’s somewhat completely different from Bermuda. The island was supported commercial enterprise locations, with a Villa, course, hotel and bivouac accessible. On the residential facet, there’s a Quarry, Marbleworks, Lumber Mill, and Field on Purgatory – overall, this island was simply a standard location relied on the resource gathering trade however turned into the commercial enterprise trade anon.

This creates numerous military science choke points for campers – individuals will simply serve the bridge to snipe down anyone WHO crosses. the 2 smaller islands, national capital and these bridges represent the foremost huddled a part of Purgatory. the highest a part of the map is quite barren, with solely the endless fields and also the Moathouse. Therefore, if your objective is to survive and acquire the very best position attainable on the board, simply drop at the side of the island – ideally the Moathouse, as there’s an honest quantity of loot within that location.

3 – desert

Kalahari is just about Free Fire’s version of the desert map – a shot to bring some actual new things to the sport, not like the same old tropical island expertise. The map was pretty less-traveled, however, as snipers area unit a touch bit too sturdy on the map because of the final lack of canopy. If you’re nice at sniping, however, that map is just about a manna from heaven.

While desert took inspirations from numerous desert regions from the world, particularly the Kalahari, it’s truly too inexperienced and full of life to truly be thought-about together. supported the assorted structures on the map just like the Santa Catarina ship, the large skeleton, or the stranded Submarine, this space was antecedently full of water till a lot of recently – the total issue is thought-about as associate degree oasis. This doesn’t extremely make a case for the existence of the assorted ruins everywhere the map, however.

Kalahari is overall pretty well-designed gameplay-wise, with huge locations scattered everywhere each a part of the map, not like Purgatory. you’ll land on just about any a part of  the land and still able to access an honest quantity of loot.

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