FNaF Ultimate Edition 2

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FNaF Ultimate Edition 2 is the game where you still play a role as a security guard and watch the camera from the small view of the office. In this game, you can set the level from easy to hard mode, or you will see it counting from 0 to 20.

You are stuck with only yourself in an office that is full of cruel animatronics that are hunting to kill you. Therefore, you have to try all the ways you can to escape and survive. They are not only the animatronic you have to manage but also manage other objects such as two vents, two doors, two air hoses, and other things that lead directly into your working office.

To succeed, there are some tools that you have to equip. It would help if you grabbed Faz Coins, buy objects at the prize counters, set up the laser traps keep watching two dangerous animatronics called Private Cove Curtains.


– There are many unlockable cutscenes.

– It has the unlockable skins

– Challenge menu, which has 16 challenging themes.

– Voice acting from both returning favorites and new arrivals of the franchise.

If you want to challenge yourself to overcome such hard levels, you just download the FNaF Ultimate Edition 2 Free to your computer and enjoy the game.

Good luck!


by: Stefan25897 @Stefan25897