Five Nights at TubbyLand 3 – The End Game

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Five Nights at TubbyLand 3 – The End Game Free Download is now available for those who have followed these Five Nights at Freddy’s fangame series. This game will blow your mind.

In general

Five Nights at TubbyLand 3 – The End Game offers the player the new adventure with countless creepy aspects that makes it worth to be tried at least one time. As you can guess when hearing the name, this is the final section of the Five Nights at TubbyLand series.


The story is about an animation entertainment firm that has been closed for six years called TubbyLand Entertainment. However, its director has intended to reopen it. After inspecting, he realized the fact that the animatronics warehouse was broken, and it seemed to be smashed, thus he needs to hire a guard to assure and stop anything goes wrong since he does not want any damage to occur anymore.

The player will take the role of this hired guard. Your task is fairly simple; you just begin to work from midnight until 6 AM the next morning. However, you have discovered that the damaged animatronics are roaming in the warehouse alongside trying assailing you.

What you need to do?

When experiencing Five Nights at TubbyLand 3, you have to finish your work through the nights alongside protecting yourself from the dangerous animatronics. They roam every corner in the warehouse and out of it to assail you. You should make use of the cameras and then stop it. Can you survive through the night in this game?


Five Nights at TubbyLand 3 – The End Game Free Download with many amazing challenges is waiting for you. What you have to do is to click the “Download” button and confront with the animatronics. Which end is waiting for you?


by: Critolious @Critolious