Do You Copy?

Do You Copy? is a game about adventure. It tells about a man or girl who has come to a dark forest. This is where all the things happen to his friend and himself. If you want to read more about the game we give you, check out to introduce this game. There will be more fun stories for you.

Do You Copy? Free Download
Do You Copy? Free Download

You and other people are in danger, and all you can do is listen to the radio to locate the threat. Then you can use all the items the game gives you and duel with that THING. There will be some help from your unknown friend but don’t depend too much on them. It is a fun story for a Horror game, but you will see what we are talking about when coming to this game.

This game only allows you to go online to download some new updates. It is only a demo, so the game sometimes will run into some bugs. Players can fix bugs by contacting us and sending some comments below.

Download Do You Copy? Check out the link below!


by: Space Octopus Studios @SpaceOctopusStudios