Classic Castbars Addons 1.13.6/1.13.5/1.13.4

In the World of Warcraft, you will have a cast bar. This place is where the skill, mana and hp level, stat, and other points have been shown. If you want to have the best control of your character, you need to learn how to read this category. This one also gives you the right time to blow your skills into the enemy.

Classic Castbars Addons 1.13.6/1.13.5/1.13.4
Classic Castbars Addons Screenshots

There will be more functions than just the time clock on your cast bar. You can change the color of the bar too. This mod also allows you to choose the size of the tie bar. We recommend a small size bar so you can have more view of sight.

Classic Castbars Addons 1.13.6/1.13.5/1.13.4 is the mod you need, and you can download this mod for free. You can get more updates on our page; some adjustments will make the best mod for you.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands is straightforward. Just read the instructions belonging to the mod. Press the Install button, log in to the game, and enjoy. There will be more and more fun for you. Have your best gameplay!

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