CharacterStatsClassic Addons 1.13.6/1.13.5

CharacterStatsClassic Addons 1.13.6/1.13.5 will give more and more information you need on your character. It will show you any ability, any point the hero’s you have. Use this advantage to make yourself stronger or maybe find out the weakness of the character.

You can also use this mode to research the opponent you need to fight with. All the stats they have will also be shown to you with just one single click.

CharacterStatsClassic will show the Spell of the heroes. It means you can know how many skills they have and how that skill will perform when they use it to fight against you. This addon also gives you all the information about the armor, strength, stamina, ability, spirit, etc.

World of Warcraft will be an easier game for you when you have all the help of this addon. You can also check for any updates available so you can have more stats on the hero. We believe that this mode will be very useful for you. No matter you are a pro player or a new one!

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For WOW Classic Addons 1.13.6
For WOW Classic Addons 1.13.5
For WOW Classic Addons 1.13.4
For WOW Classic Addons 1.13.3
For WOW Classic Addons 1.13.2