The Call of Duty Mobile Season nine update, heaps was extra to the sport. the sport in essence went through a whole overhaul and revamped or reimagined what decision of Duty Mobile was purported to be. within the Season nine update of the sport, a replacement feature was extra to the weapon customization possibility. smith are some things that lets players customise their weapon loadout to a formidable degree. this is often not a cosmetic feature however one thing that lets players mess around with the internals of the weapon and build it their terribly own. That being same, the update conjointly brought with it huge new changes to the weapons themselves further. several weapons were nerfed and lots of were buffed. thus when doing in depth analysis we’ve got compiled the list of recent best weapons in decision of Duty Season nine.

Call of Duty Mobile Season nine Best Guns and Weapons Updated List:


In the CODM Season nine update, one in every of the weapons that were buffed up a touch was the DR-H machine rifle. DR-H was already a robust AR and currently it’s become even higher. this is often a good rifle for multiplayer mode matches and has manageable recoil. Ideal in brief to medium vary fights.


Supported a similar style because the Last Frontier, the KN-44 offers smart recoil management and smart harm further. nice for multiplayer matches and excellent for each medium to long-range fights.


Man-O-War was most likely one in every of the foremost hyped AR once it came get in decision of Duty Mobile. it absolutely was on the market to the players with a battle pass however with the Season nine update, it’s on the market to everybody. Even within the stock condition, the Man-O-War AR is kind of powerful. Having same that, the Man-O-War wants recoil management and is currently best for close-range fights when the S9 update.


Probably the foremost powerful SMG in decision of Duty Mobile immediately is that the QQ9. QQ9 offers a really high rate of fireplace and is devastating in shut vary battles. Reloading is fast further and recoil is manageable further.


Finally, the Chicom SMG makes AN look in an exceedingly decision of Duty Mobile weapon list. Chicom was continually within the shadow of its higher possibility the PDW-57 however when the Season nine update, the Chicom has become a replacement weapon of selection for several. The harm of this SMG has been accumulated and with correct smith customization, it is brutal for the enemies.


New SMG Razorback makes its debut in decision of Duty Season nine. Razorback may be a tight SMG and offers a high rate of fireplace further. this is often most likely the sole SMG that’s good for near to medium vary fights.

DL Q33

The classic bolt action sharpshooter of selection for several players of decision of Duty mobile continues to be within the business. when the Season nine update, the decilitre Q33 still is that the prime selection for sniping and with smith, it is taken to a different level.

Kilo Bolt-Action

Kilo bolt action rifle was extra to the sport within the Season nine update and has quickly become the rifle of selection for several. this is often the sole rifle in decision of duty mobile that’s smart for all ranges. It offers fast reloading time, fast ADS, vast harm, and nice attachments.


The KRM-262 is that the best scattergun in decision of duty mobile S9. it’s quick reloading and will devastating harm in near to medium vary.


The classic scattergun of decision of Duty Mobile continues to be hanging in there. The BY-12 remains unchanged when the Season nine update. it’s still nice for shut combat with round one kill and nearly useless in medium-range fights.

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