Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most popular and best team games on mobile phones. In a report from Sensor Tower, we learned that the number of game downloads exceeded the barrier of two hundred and fifty million times, making it the first in terms of shooting games, and outperforming both PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile.

The game that Activision cooperated with, the studio of the Chinese giant Tencent, managed to reach this achievement (250 million downloads) in only eight months. During the same period, which is eight months, PUBG Mobile has been downloaded about two hundred and thirty-six million times while the version of Fortnite mobile phones has been downloaded eighty-seven times (it is worth noting that the Android version is not supported due to it not previously available on the Play Store store). Below you can see the graphs that show the difference.

According to the analytics company, the game of Call of Duty: Mobile made about three hundred and twenty seven million US dollars and during the month of May, the game achieved thirty five million and forty one percent of this amount was from the United States of America followed by Japan and Brazil. It is certainly a great success for Tencent, which is the largest mobile phone publisher in the first quarter of this year, and for Activision as well.

That is why we can say that the Call of Duty brand is stronger than ever. Do you play the game on your mobile phones? Share us the comments below!

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