Bartender4 Addons 9.0.2/9.3.0/7.3.0

Bartender4 Addons will bring you a lot of new actions from the bar. It allows you to customize your game and helps you manage the game set in your way. We provide this mod to you with all the adjustments you need, for some example:

Bartender4 Addons
Bartender4 Addons
  • The Pet bar: it can help you to control your pet’s action. Manage the inventory of it or make any order to it.
  • The EXP bar: shows you how many EXP you need to level up. This helps the player find a good place for farming and get stronger quicker.
  • The Bag bar: this one is very important in World of Warcraft. You can see what is in your inventory and then make some changes to it. Drop any items you don’t need or put them in any block you want.

Bartender4 Addons 9.0.2/9.3.0/7.3.0 is much more effective when you use this mod with another mod. Especially mods that help you have more power.

You can be much stronger than the normal game without this addon. Thank you, and have a GG with WoW!


Download Free Bartender4 Addons

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For WOW Classic Addons 1.13.2
For WOW Addons 9.0.2
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