Bad Dream: Series

Bad Dream: Series tells you a dark and sad story about a little boy who lives alone and has no idea about who his parents are. He eats alone, sleeps alone, and does anything else alone. One day, he decides to follow all the clues he has to find his parents. But he never knows how dark that journey will be.

Bad Dream: Series Free Download
Bad Dream: Series Free Download

In this adventure, he will meet some friends who will help him complete his dream. And there also will be some monsters that want to eat his soul. Your job will help him find his parents and keep his life in his fool’s hand.

There are not a lot of new games that are drawn by hand like this one. Players will see many details made by hand, and all these details will give you a horror story. Horror games will always have a passion for players, this game is one of them.

Download Bad Dream: Series is quite simple with all our help. This is a free game for you and other players.


by: Desert Fox @DesertFoxSoftware