AtlasLootClassic Addons 1.13.5/1.13.4

If you ever want a mod that helps you manage your items more manageable, you are looking right to it. This mod name AtlasLootClassic Addons 1.13.5/1.13.4 allows you to know which item you could find in the dungeon and other quests available. You also can read all the information of your item, as long as you stand next to it or see it. Just move your move right to the article, and all details will be shown.

AtlasLootClassic Addons 1.13.5/1.13.4
AtlasLootClassic Addons WoW

This awesome mod also gives you the profile of your skill rank. You can base this on building or rebuilding your skill tree. This mod from World of Warcraft allows you to add new items right from the mod. You have to use these combo buttons to get the item: Alt + Left mouse. The items will be in your inventory or drop on the ground.

This mod can show you available and usable gear, so you can get it if you want. Find the best for you and make yourself stronger!

World of Warcraft Shadowlands is free for you. Install and feel the heat!

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